How do I get an "Order of Protection"

To get an "Order of Protection" issued: (there is no cost to file a petition for an Order of Protection it's free)

STEP 1: You must fill out a "Petition" (click here) then file it by giving it to the Court Clerk at a Mississippi County Courthouse. There's one in Blytheville and Osceola. If you provide enough information and the judge doesn't have any questions they will

STEP 2: Issue a Temporary Order or "Ex Parte" 30 day order of protection 

STEP 3: If you need to extend the order of protection for more than 30 days the court will have a hearing to decide whether to extend the Temporary Order of Protection. You must attend this hearing.

If you get an Order of Protection issued we recommend you bring a copy of it to the Blytheville Police Department (or your local police department) so we can have a copy on file. We'll even make the copy for you. We also recommend you keep a copy of your Order of Protection with you until everything is resolved. 

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