Do I have any responsibilities as an alarm owner?

Yes. CITY ORDINANCE 1574 states that an Alarm User Shall:Maintain the premises and the Alarm System in a manner that will minimize or eliminate False alarms, and Make every reasonable effort to respond or cause a representative to respond to the Alarm location within 20 minutes when notified. Do Not manually activate an alarm for any reason other than an occurrence of an
event that the Alarm System was intended to report. An Alarm User shall adjust the alarm so that an exterior signal will not sound for longer than fifteen (15) minutes UL standards 365 or 609.An Alarm User shall have a properly Licensed Alarm Company inspect the Alarm System after three (3) false alarms in one (1) month period. An Alarm User shall not use Automatic Voice Dialers. An Alarm User shall maintain at each Alarm site, a set of written operating instructions for each Alarm System

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