Public Works

Collection Time & Preparation

Garbage will be collected from business and commercial dumpsters as necessary. The Sanitation Department collects trash and garbage from private residences and apartments once a week as scheduled by the Sanitation Department. View the trash collection schedule map (PDF).

Purchasing Receptacles

Each residence and apartment complex is required to own and use a city approved 90-gallon solid waste receptacle for their garbage. Cans may be purchased through the City Collector's office at the prevailing price. 

Payment must be paid in full at the City Collector’s office. The can becomes the property of the purchaser. There is a serial number on each can that everyone should record for their own information. The City is not responsible for stolen cans.

Curb Placement & Removal

All cans should be placed within 5 feet of the curb and should not be placed curbside before 6 p.m. on the day preceeding collection day. Cans must be removed from the curb no later than 6 p.m. the day of collection. 

Special Needs Individuals

If a resident has a disability or is for any reason unable to meet curbside requirements, please call Public Works at 870-763-7381 to make arrangements for pick-up.

Containment & Restricted Items

All garbage should be placed in plastic bags in the garbage cans. 

These items should not be placed in garbage cans or dumpsters:

  •     Animal or Human Waste
  •     Ashes
  •     Cinders
  •     Explosives
  •     Grass or Hedge Clippings
  •     Non-Compactable Items

Yard Debris Collection

These items must be bagged and be prepared for collection separate from garbage and other household trash:

  •     Grass
  •     Hedge Clippings
  •     Leaves
  •     Other Yard Waste
  •     Tree Limbs

Paper & Cardboard

No paper or cardboard is to be placed with yard waste. 

Construction Site Refuse

The city will not clean or pickup refuse or debris resulting from construction or any other contracted work. The removal of construction debris is the responsibility of the contractor.

Ordinance Providing For The Placement Of Speed Humps

Ord. #1896 Speed Bump Ordinance

Speed Bump Application