Wastewater Departments

Pump / Maintenance Department 

The Pump / Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all city sewer mains and all pumping stations. Blytheville Wastewater has 62 pumping stations that are checked twice a day and repaired as needed. The pump/maintenance department employees are also responsible for clearing out any stopped up city sewer mains, repairing broken city sewer mains and installing sewer taps for new customers.

Bio-Lac Department 

The Bio-Lac Department is responsible for all treatment and testing of wastewater. There are three treatment plants from which all wastewater is aerated and treated with the UV System. Samples are taken to the lab for testing. 

Wastewater Testing & Industry Compliance

Testing is done on a daily basis and tests must be within the limits set by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. Industries in Blytheville are also sampled and tested periodically with an outside lab. Each industry must stay within levels that are set and stated in their permits.